Women's Super Wide Shoes
Women's super wide footwear in widths 3E, 5E, 6E, 7E, 10E, 14E, size 4.5 to 15. Extend­ed width, extendable length have re­mov­able in­serts and spacers. Re­move to ad­just width, size, depth for swell­ing, bun­ions, ham­mer toes; or re­move on­ly one if one foot is lar­ger than other. AFO, KAFO friend­ly.
Self-mold­ing in­sert us­es body heat to mold in­sole, ev­en­ly dis­trib­utes weight. Med­ial and lat­er­al ex­tend­ed count­er sup­port con­trols ank­le roll­ing in or out. Med­ial count­ers ease arch pain.
Seam­less lin­ing. Add­ed toe width, ank­le sup­port.
Extend­ed width. Ex­tended length Vel­cro strap.
Medial (inner) and lateral (outer) coun­ter sup­port. Orth­tic, AFO friend­ly.
  • 5 - 11
  • C/D, 3E, 5E
Orth­otic, AFO ank­le-foot brace, othesis friend­ly.
Extra wide toe, seam­less vamp.
Elong­ated med­ial, lat­eral count­ers. Free shipping, free return at Shoebuy.
Ex­tend­able width.
  • Size 5 - 11
  • C/D, EEE, 5E
Ther­a­peut­ic May Jane has count­er sup­port for pro­nation con­trol.
Re­mov­able in­sert. Elegant nappa soft lea­ther up­per.
  • 4.5 - 15
  • B, C/D
  • EEE (3E)
  • EEEEE (5E)
  • EEEEEEE (7E)
Stretch lycra up­per, vel­cro close off­er ea­sy on, snug fit.
For diabetic, ede­ma, char­cot, bun­ions, ham­mer toes, neu­ro­pathy. Ex­tra depth.
Free shipping, free ex­change.
  • 5 - 15
  • D - 10E, 14E
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