Womens EEEE Walker Shoes
EEEE (4E) wide walk­ers have pad­ded tongues, coll­ars for ank­le sup­port.
Mo­tion con­trol­ling firm heel count­ers, heel sta­bil­iz­ers allay pro­nat­ion, roll­over.
Rock­er soles move feet for­ward - shoes do the work in­stead of feet and legs, re­duc­ing fa­tigue.
Bal­ance bar com­press­es with each step for sup­er­ior sta­bil­ity.
Leath­er walk­er, leath­er lined. Ex­tend­ed heel count­er. Medi­care ap­proved.
Removable cush­ioned in­sole, orth­otic friend­ly
Padded collar, tongue, rock­er sole.
  • Size 5.5 - 11
  • B - EEEE
Sneaker style Mary Jane. Leather-mesh upper. Pad­ded coll­ar.
Heel count­er for mo­tion con­trol. Doub­le in­sole.
Balance bar, wide heel base and fore­foot adds sta­bil­ity.
  • 6 - 12
  • AA - 4E
Lightweight stretch mesh up­per, lea­ther toe and heel cap.
Treaded rubber sole.
Many bright col­ors.
  • Size 5 - 12
  • AA - EEEE
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