Stylish knee-high shear­ling boot. Water, stain re­sist­ant suede up­per.
Easy-on side zip.
Vaporex double in­sole sys­tem for ex­tra in­sul­ation. Rub­ber tract­ion out­sole.
  • Size 5 - 12
  • B - 3E, 4E
Shearling boot has Scotch­gard®-treat­ed suede leath­er, quilt­ed ny­lon up­per.
Easy on front zip. heat re­tain­ing double in­sole.
Pile lined.
  • Size 5 - 12
  • B - EEE, EEEE
Water and stain re­sist­ant suede up­per. Speed lac­ing sys­tem.
Heat-retaining doub­le in­sole.
Soft pile lin­ing. Tract­ion rub­ber out­sole.
  • Size 5 - 12
  • B - EEE
Women's shearling ank­le boot. Scotch­gard®-treat­ed suede up­per, front zip.
Heat re­tain­ing double in­sole.
Soft pile lin­ing. Thermal rubber tract­ion out­sole.
  • Size 5 - 12
  • AA - EEE
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