Women's boots with heel cups or heel counters sup­port, sta­bil­ize rear foot mo­tion cont­rol.
Heel cups are es­sent­ial to one suf­fer­ing severe heel pain, as plan­tar fasci­itis, heel spurs (a pain­ful calc­ium depos­it on heel), or achil­les tend­on­itis.
A flex­ible sole bend­ing at base of toe eases press­ure on heel.
Wom­en's win­ter boot all­ays heel pain prob­lems. Deep heel cup.
Faux fleece coll­ar, cot­ton plaid lin­ing.
Flex trac­tion sole eases press­ure on heel. Arch sup­port,
  • Size 5 - 7 B
Shearling lined. Wat­er, stain-re­sist­ant up­per, tract­ion rub­ber sole.
Heat-re­tain­ing in­sole.
Fiberglass shank, heel count­ers give rear foot sta­bil­ity.
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  • 5 - 12
  • Width B - E
Ankle boot, but­ton de­tail. Water, stain resist­ant sheep­skin.
Double stitched seams for dura­bil­ity elim­inate leaks. Traction rub­ber sole.
Re­mov­able insole, sheep­skin-lined. Mold­ed heel cup.
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  • 5, 10 B
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