Women's Comfort Winter Boots
Propet wint­er boots have many great com­fort fea­tures. Wat­er proof up­pers, fleecy lin­ing, heat-re­tain­ing in­soles keep feet warm and dry in all wea­ther.
Traction out­soles navi­gate slip­pery side walks. Ea­sy on hook, loop straps, re­mov­able spac­ers ad­just for foot swell­ing; or pro­vide ex­tra room for heavy wool­en socks in ex­treme cold.
Wat­er proof ank­le boot. Leat­her, ny­lon stretch up­per.
Vel­cro close, ea­sy-on. Fleece like lin­ing.
Re­mov­able insert, ex­tra depth, heat re­tent­ion.
Shock ab­sorb­ing rub­ber trac­tion sole.
  • Size 5 - 11
Stain and water resist­ant suede up­per. 3 ad­just­able hook, loop straps for easy-on.
Cushion insole, heat retain­ing foil lin­er.
Shock ab­sorb­ing rub­ber sole.
  • Size 5 - 12
  • AA - EEE (2A - 3E)
Therapeutic diabetic ext­ra depth boots for ede­ma, char­cot, bun­ions, ham­mer toes, neuro­pathy.
Adjust­able ex­tend­ed width - or pair with heavy wool socks for winter wear. Wide toe box.
  • Size 5 - 11
  • D, 4E, 5E
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