Rare size-width for aching feet
Extra small - plus size 3 - 17; width AAAAA (5A), AAAA (4A), AAA (3A), AA (2A), B, C/D, E, EE (2E) - extra or sup­er wide EEE (3E), EEEE (4E), EEEEE (5E) to 14E.
Com­fort feat­ures in­clude ad­just­able width, heel count­ers, stretch in­serts, ankle sup­port and more. For ach­illes, plant­ars, corns, bun­ions, ham­mer toes, ede­ma, swoll­en feet, dia­betic, arht­ri­tic.
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Deep dis­count on EEEE width.
Leather, neo­prene stretch mesh up­per.
Cushion footbed, rub­ber flex out­sole.
Black, red, smog colors.
  • Size 6 - 7
  • Width B - EEEE
Plus or pe­tite size. Kid­skin lea­ther up­per, in­step strap.
Tricot lin­ing, 1-3/4" heel.
Combination last of­fers nar­row­er heel for snug fit, wid­er toe ar­ea for ex­tra wig­gle room.
  • 4 - 13
  • 5A, AAAA - EE Wide
De­signed speci­ally for mod­er­ate bun­ions, ham­mer toes.
Light weight, soft leath­er up­pers. Vel­cro close.
Black, red, navy or white colors. Free ship­ping, free return.
  • Size 5 - 11
  • Width 3E - 14E
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